PKMT Jazba Farmers’ Cooperative proceeding towards Harvesting

Under the PKMT Jazba Farmers’ Cooperative, farmers from all over Pakistan have started agroecological farms. They have sown the traditional seeds and make organic compost. As time passes the farmers from Sindh and Punjab are now sampling the crops and started harvesting and thrashing.

The farmers from Shikarpur, Ghotki Tando M Khan (Sind) and Multan (Punjab) are busy working in the fields.


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Pakistan Kissan Mazdoor Tehreek (PKMT) joins the ???????????????????????? ???????????? ???????? ???????????????????????????????????????? ???????????? ???????????????????????? ???????????????????????? ???????????? ???????????????????????????? ???????????????????????? today April 15 led by International League of Peoples’ Struggle to unite and amplify calls for people’s right to public health amid this global pandemic. We demand guaranteed incomes and livelihood even under quarantine; mass testing and treatment for all; no bailouts for big corporations, but bailouts for working people; social protection for farmers, workers, and toiling masses; and respect for democratic and human rights. #PublicHealthNotProfit